Hiking together against melancholy and loneliness

Why hiking? Sometimes people are not well. It doesn’t have to be depression, but you need encouragement, sensible advice and distraction, you want to have fun and recharge your batteries. You need good friends for that. We want to make sure of that on hikes.

In community tours we discover beautiful spots of our close surroundings.

On our day hikes get Te participants*Innen the opportunity to make contactand to establish friendships.  All destinations are reached in an environmentally conscious manner using public transportation. 

The walks are held twice a month. Mostly on Saturday. We usually start together at the main station. Details can be found in the hiking calendar.

The action is open to anyone who feels like it. Participation in our“Befriending” and“Cooking” projects are not a requirement. Anyone who would like to hike along can simply contact wandern@verein-horizonte.de.

Sufficient physical condition is required. Everyone must assess themselves. We cannot offer a fitness check; we are not expert hiking instructors. These are community tours, not guided tours. Our hikes are easy, maximum 500 meters of altitude, 10-15 km, 4 h. Nevertheless, you should participate only if you have managed comparable things well recently.

We consider ourselves a group of friends who enjoy a shared activity in nature.


What equipment do I need?

Sturdy shoes, snack, rainwear if necessary.

Do the walks also take place during Corona-related restrictions?
Yes. For the joint hikes and the journey to the respective destinations, the currently valid rules apply.

What about the condition?

Moderate requirement. No more than 400 meters of altitude or 4 hours. You have to assess yourself a little bit We always take consideration though.

How do I know which hiking destinations to aim for next?

Check out our hiking calendar. We will send you details reliably by email.

How often do the walks take place?

Every two weeks on Saturday or Sunday. However, you do not have to attend regularly. We are also happy about spontaneous commitments.

Can the hikes be mastered even as a beginner?

Of course, hiking is also for beginners. We take care of organization, orientation, breaks. You just have to go with us and say when it gets to be too much. Togetherness is important to us, not performance.

What if the weather is bad?

We closely follow the weather reports and adjust our hikes. However, we try to hike in almost any weather.

How many of us are in a hiking group?

Usually up to ten people, volunteers and affected. Not too many, to get to know each other better.

Do I need to have experience in hiking?

You should already exercise regularly. But we will not overwhelm you.

Sample hikes can be found in our hiking archive

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