The association

Who is behind Horizonte e.V.?

Horizonte e.V. is an association of professionals and volunteers for people who feel alone, struggle with difficulties, or suffer from mental disorders such as depression.
Horizonte was founded in 1996 at the Isar-Amper-Klinikum Munich-East.

At the moment we have about 90 members and care for 35 friendships of volunteers and affected persons.

New horizons against loneliness and solitude

The lifetime incidence of depression in the general population has been reported to be as high as nearly 30% (Vandeleur CL et al, 2017, Psychiatry Res; Kessler CR et al, 2003, JAMA).

Admitting to depression and seeking therapy is a long road. In the process, a lot is lost in terms of contacts and activities. Close relatives are also put to the test.

But it doesn’t have to be depression yet if you feel alone or not well. Sometimes a lot just comes together. In any case, in addition to possible therapy, you simply need encouragement, contacts and positive experiences.

What does Horizonte e.V. want?

The goal of the association is to provide contacts, friendships and activities for people with mental disorders such as anxiety, trauma and depression or people who are at risk of developing such disorders.

We want to work closely with other professional and self-help organizations and contribute to the destigmatization and treatment of mental disorders.

And we want to attract as many and diverse members as possible to help shape our association for new horizons.

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