Questions and answers about our projects

Here you will find answers to the most burning questions we are always asked.
You are also welcome to register and participate in more than one project at

Questions General

Do I have to be in therapy to participate in the projects?

If you feel bad, you should get help from doctors and therapists.
The volunteers should not do therapy with you and you should be able to enjoy the friendship.

Does it cost me anything to participate in the projects?

We work on a voluntary basis. When cooking, food is paid for through donations and grants. When hiking, we reimburse the train ticket for those affected, if they wish.

What do I do if I don’t manage to participate in the projects because I’m not feeling well?

You can always ask us at info@verein-horizonte,de. We support you to find therapy or to improve it if necessary.


What do I have to do to participate as a volunteer?

Contact the project addresses above directly. We infomieren you, by phone and in person

How much time do I need to allow?

This varies among projects. You should check with the project leaders how much time you can donate and let us know in time if you can’t because of work, illness or other reasons.

What should I do when sufferers are unwell? Are there emergency contacts?

The project leaders are always available. When befriending, volunteers:inside receive a list of emergency contacts, they are also listed under help on the website.


What equipment do I need?

Sturdy shoes, snack, rainwear if necessary

How do I register if I want to join the hike?

Write us a short Eamil at wandern@verein-horizonte.de

What about the condition?

Moderate requirement. No morehh than 400 meters of altitude or 4 hours. You have to assess yourself a little bit We always take consideration though.

How do I know which hiking destinations to aim for next?

Check our hiking calendar. We will send you details reliably by email.

How often do the walks take place?

Every 2 weeks on Saturday. However, you do not have to attend regularly. We are also happy to receive very sponate pledges.

Can the hikes be mastered even as a beginner?

Of course, hiking is also just for beginners.we take care of organization, orientation, breaks. You just have to go with us and say when it gets to be too much. Togetherness is important to us, not performance.

What if the weather is bad?

We closely follow the weather reports and adjust our hikes. However, we try to hike in almost any weather

How many of us are in a hiking group?

Usually up to 10 people, volunteers and affected. Not too much to get to know each other

Do I need to have experience in hiking?

You should already exercise regularly. But we will not overwhelm you.


How do I register?

Simply via contact or send an email to kochen@verein-horizonte.de or call us on 0177 1804192!

Do I need to know how to cook?

No, we make simple recipes, always together as a team

Can I also learn something as a novice cook?

We try to select recipes that can be easily recreated at home with the experience gained from the cooking group. When selecting recipes, we are very happy to accept suggestions (e.g. for simple and quick recipes that can be easily integrated into everyday life or special dietary preferences such as vegetarian or vegan food).

Can I recreate the recipes from the group later?

We make the recipes available after a group through our blog, so that everyone can recreate all the dishes as they like.

Do I need to bring anything?

Only helping hands and bon appétit! Our kitchens are fully equipped and we buy all the necessary ingredients fresh before cooking.

What is the cost of participation?

Our project is completely financed by donations, so participation is free of charge.
However, during the pandemic, we cook separately at home via video chat. Here, everyone must provide the necessary food themselves, unfortunately, we can not offer a refund.

How often does the cooking group meet?

Each cooking group meets on a bi-weekly basis whenever possible.

How long does the cooking group last?

A meeting lasts about three to four hours, depending on the recipe.

I have a food intolerance, can I still attend?

We always try to be considerate of everyone when choosing recipes. Many ingredients can be replaced by others – we are creative there. In this case, we are of course very happy about assistance and suggestions or corresponding recipe proposals.

How big is the cooking group?

We try to keep the group size at a maximum of eight people.

Is my registration binding?

No. Since we buy the food fresh each time and we want to throw away as little as possible, we ask, however, for a timely cancellation.


What are the criteria for selection?

Age and gender have priority. Chemistry and hobbies we try to take into account

What can I do with my new friend?

Anything fun: drinking coffee, restaurants, movies, concerts, theater, hiking, biking; walking the dog or whatever you like to do together

What happens if the friendship mediation doesn’t work out?

Then you turn to info@verein-horizonte.de. We talk to you and the volunteers and help. Sometimes a new mediation must start.

How often should the meetings between the friends take place?

This is free. It should be regular. The contact should be aner at least with email, phone or social media every week. And you make reliable appointments and cancel them in good time, just like with friends.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Always at info@verein-horizonte.de. We’ll get back to you right away.

Do you have liability and accident insurance?

We have liability insurance. The Bavarian Volunteer Insurance has set up accident insurance for volunteers.

What should I do if I don’t get along well with the person?

First talk to each other. If that is difficult, contact us at info@verein-horizonte.de. We mediate, clarify, help or accompany a separation.

Should you talk about the disease during the meeting?

Sometimes you have to, mental disorders have something normal like any disease, but it should not become the main topic.