Volunteering with heart

A heart of stone becomes soft...

Volunteering against loneliness and depression

We have about 70 volunteer members who help people affected by depression and loneliness through their time and commitment to our association. Many volunteers are actively involved in the work of the association, have new ideas and actively support our projects. And our circle of volunteers is getting younger and more international.

We would be happy to welcome you as a volunteer in our association soon.

If interested, just send an email to info@verein-horizonte.de.

What do I need to do to participate as a volunteer:

We have three projects against loneliness: befriending, hiking and cooking.

At the moment we are mainly looking for volunteers for the project Befriend. Our project leaders will be happy to meet you personally and inform you about the activities as a volunteer in this project. Contact us at info@verein-horizont.de and you will receive a quick response.

How much time do I need to allow?
This varies among projects. You should discuss with the project leaders how much time you can donate and let us know in time if you have no time due to work, illness or other reasons.

How many volunteers are involved in the Horizonte association?
We currently have just under 70 volunteers. A good half of you give us your time and commitment to the Befreunden project. But also the other projects, our administration and organization are – as well as our website – only possible through volunteers.

What should I do if someone in a project is unwell?
The project leaders are always available to answer your questions and concerns even before you start volunteering. Project Befriending also provides volunteers with a list of contacts and emergency contacts.

We are looking forward to meeting you! If you then have a foothold in a project, you are welcome to become a member of our team.
We provide our volunteers with membership without dues, but with all the rights of participation in the life of the association. The following link will take you to the membership application.

And one more thing:

For people who volunteer in Bavaria, there are three appreciations that offer benefits.

The honorary certificate Bavaria

The Bavarian Volunteer Card

Munich thanks

The Horizons Association naturally helps its volunteers document the requirements for the aforementioned honors and benefits. Simply contact us at info@verein-horizonte.de.