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Cooking together against loneliness and depression

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Cooking against loneliness

Eating together in a group has accompanied mankind for a very long time in its history and satisfies many important needs. We want to use this original meaning and establish a framework with a regular cooking group where people can meet in a manageable social situation. In this way, we want to counteract loneliness and intensification of depression at an early stage. Since everyone can participate in the preparation of the dishes, we ensure the smallest possible hurdle for active participation even without having to communicate directly.

People who live and eat alone often tend to eat a one-sided diet of convenience foods or delivery services. Therefore, we want to counteract a bad and one-sided diet through a selection of organic and regional ingredients as well as balanced and vegetarian dishes and encourage people to cook more themselves through positive experiences with simple recipes.

We are aiming for a group of about six participants* that meets on a bi-weekly basis. Together we buy the ingredients and cook the dishes in a communal kitchen. Afterwards we eat together and collect suggestions for the next recipes. We are responsible for all steps, at least initially, in order to, for example. ensure that the meeting takes place even if none of the participants can or want to participate in the purchase.


How do I register?
Simply contact us via Contact or send an e-mail to kochen@verein-horizonte.de or contact us at
0174 1941801call!

Is cooked in spite of Corona?
Yes. The cooking group will be held under the current Corona regulations.

Do I need to know how to cook?
No, we make simple recipes, always together as a team

Can I also learn something as a novice cook?

We try to select recipes that can be easily recreated at home with the experience gained from the cooking group. In the selection of recipes, we are very happy to accept suggestions. E.g. simple and quick recipes that can be easily integrated into everyday life or for special dietary preferences such as vegetarian or vegan food.

Can I recreate the recipes from the group later?

We will make the recipes available via our blog following the meetings so that everyone can recreate all the dishes as they wish.

Do I need to bring anything?

Only helping hands and bon appétit! Our kitchens are fully equipped and we buy all the necessary ingredients fresh before cooking.

What is the cost of participation?

Our project is entirely funded by donations, so participation is free of charge.

How often does the cooking group meet?

Each cooking group meets on a bi-weekly basis whenever possible.

How long does the cooking group last?

A meeting lasts about three to four hours, depending on the recipe.

I have a food intolerance, can I still participate?

We always try to be considerate of everyone when choosing recipes. Many ingredients can be replaced by others – we are creative there. In this case, we are of course very happy about assistance and suggestions or corresponding recipe proposals.

How big is the cooking group?

We try to keep the group size at a maximum of eight people.

Is my registration binding?

No. Since we always buy the food fresh and we want to throw away as little as possible, we ask, however, for a timely cancellation