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The University of Film and Television Munich organized an interdisciplinary conference on the topic of loneliness at the Chair of Creative Writing of Prof Doris Dörrie from 29.4. until 1.5. in the Audimax. Title in the link EINSAMGEMEINSAM ( Diverse topics were experiences of a polar explorer, globalization, writing, racism, conspiracy theorists, film characters and emigration.

Facit: Broad cinema, broad theme. It is to be hoped that such an event can cause a jolt in society.

In Münchner Ärztliche Anzeigen, 4/22/22, 111. In the first issue of the ” DepressiveCare” magazine, an article was published describing the important role of relatives of depressive patients. In an interview with Dipl Psychologin PD Dr. rer. biol. hum. Gabi Pitschel-Waltz was mentioned that 40% of the relatives of depressive patients need professional help, e.g. due to the stress of the disease of the affected persons themselves. Acute occasions of the articular and interview questions were the strain of the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war.

Facit: An important centering on a group of secondary sufferers who are supposed to be a support of the depressed. Link

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